Speciale Muskelrock 2019

Rok and Roll On The Sea - Festa del Redentore

Ciao Alex!

L'Antro di Ulisse Vol. XXII

Intervista con i White Skull

Recensioni: White Skull

"Will of the Strong"

Intervista con i Thomas Hand Chaste

Recensioni: Where The Sun Comes Down


Recensioni: Pandora

"Ten Years Like in a Magic Dream"

Recensioni: Black Star Riders

"Heavy Fire"

Recensioni: Kreator

"Gods Of Violence"

Recensioni: Danko Jones

“Wild Cat”

Intervista con i Saxon

Recensioni: Paolo Siani ft Nuova Idea

"Faces With No Traces"

Recensioni: Ted Poley

"Beyond The Fade"






Archivio Recensioni

1st Class Passengers "Weapons of Mass Distraction"

Joel Hoekstra's 13 "Dying to live"

The 69 Eyes “X”

9 MM "Dem Teufel ein Geibet"

The 11th Hour "Lacrima Mortis"

A Sound Of Thunder "Out Of The Darkness"

Acaro "The Disease Of Fear"

Accept "Blind Rage"

Active Heed "Higher Dimensions"

Adrenaline Mob "Omertà"

Adrenaline Rush "Adrenaline Rush"

Aeon Zen "Enigma"

Aerosmith "Music From Another Dimension!"

After... "No Attachments"

Airbag "All Rights Removed"

Don Airey "Keyed Up"

Airportman "Nino E L'Inferno"

Airless "Changes"

Aisles "4:45 AM"

Akin "The Way Things Ends"

Alka For Children

Alice In Chains "The Devil Put The Dinosaurs Here"

Alien "Eternity"

Allborn “New Rock Generation”

Allen/Lande "The Great Divide"

All Time Low "Don’t Panic"

Alpine Fault "Iraena's Ashes"

Altare Thotemico "Sogno Errando"

Alternative 4 "The Brink "

Amaze Me "Guilty As Sin"

Amp Rive "Irma Vep"

Anathema "Falling Deeper"

Anathema "Weather Systems"

Anathema "Distant Satellites"

Angel King "World Of Pain"

Angelic Foe "Oppressed By the Heaven"

Angra "Best Reached Horizons"

Andy Rock "Into The Night"

Anneke Van Giersbergen "Everything Is Changing"

Another Destiny Project "Tell Me What You See..."

Antares “Big Trouble in Appletown”

Anti-Flag "The General Strike"

Antonius Rex "Hystero Demonopathy"

Anthrax "For All Kings"

Anvil "Plugged In Permanent / Absolutely No Alternative"

Anvil "Speed Of Sound / Plenty Of Power"

Anvil "Hope In Hell"

Anvision "AstralPhase"

AOR "L.A Temptation"

AOR "The Secrets Of LA"

Arab In Aspic "Strange Frame Of Mind"

Arabs In Aspic "Victim of Father's Agony"

Arcade Messiah "II"

Arena "Rapture"

Argos "Cruel Symmetry"

Argos "A Seasonal Affair"

The Arrows "The Lines Are Open"

Artesia "Wanderings"

Arti&Mestieri "Universi Paralleli"

Angels And Demons "Power Fusion"

Antimatter "Fear of a Unique Identity"

Asia "Gravitas"

Astaroth "The End Of Silence"

Ataraxia "Wind at the Mount Elo"

Atomic Blast "Noise Of Revolution"

Atomic Clocks "Magdan In Charleroi"

Attack Demons "Atlantis"

Audio Porn “Jezebels Kiss”

Autunna Et Sa Rose "Phalène d'Onix"

Timo Tolkki's Avalon “Angels Of The Apocalypse”

Avantasia "The Mystery Of Time"

Avantasia “Ghostlights”

Avatarium "The Girl With The Raven Mask"

Axel Rudi Pell "Live On Fire"

Axel Rudi Pell "Into The Storm"

Axxis "reDISCOver(ed)"

Awaken "Awaken"

Ayeron "The Theory Of Everything"

Azure Agony "India"

Sophya Baccini Aradia "Big Red Dragon…William Black's Vision"

Sebastian Bach "Give 'Em Hell"

Backdraft “This Heaven Goes To Eleven”

Backyard Babies “Four By Four”

The Bad Mexican "This is the First Attempt of a Band Called"

Bai Bang “All Around The World”

Bailey "Long Way Down"

Baltimoore "Back For More"

Banco "B.M.S. 40 anni"

Bang Tango “Pistol Whipped In The Bible Belt”

The Bankrobber “Rob The Wave”

The Bankrobber "Gazza Ladra"

Nicola Bardini Quintetto "Fiori di Celluloide - La Musica di Django Reinhardt"

Emanuele Bavieri "Cantami o Musa"

Ivan Battistella “News From the Moon

Battle Beast "Steel"

Battle Beast "Unholy Savior"

Beach Boys "That's Why God Made the Radio"

Julian Angel's Beautiful Beast "Kick Down The Barricades"

Berrgren Kerslake Band "The Sun Has Gone Hazy"

Beauvoir/Free "American Trash"

Beardfish "The Void"Bedlam “In Command 1973"

Beppe Di Benedetto 5tet "See The Sky"

Beledo "Dreamland Mechanism"

Believe "Seeing is Believing"

Alessandro Bevivino e Sgro' Frank "Dead Ballad Session"

Alessandro Bevivino "I Corti di Verbo Nero - Scene Eliminate"

Blackmore's Night "A Knight in York"

Blackmore's Night “All Our Yesterdays”

Anubis Gate "Horizons"

Pierpaolo Bibbo' "Genemesi"

Big Country "The Journey"

Björk "Bastards"

Blackrose "Turn The Night "

Black Sabbath "13"

Black Star Riders "All Hell Breaks Loose"

Black Star Riders "The Killer Instinct"

Black Trip “Goin' Under”

Black Trip “Shadowline”

Blanca White "Resurgence Of Rock"

The Blessed Beat "MIV"

Blind Guardian “Twilight Of The Gods”

Blind Guardian “Beyond The Red Mirror”

Bloodgood "Dangerously Close"

Blood Red Saints "Speedway"

Blue Dawn "Blue Dawn"Bonrud "Save Tomorrow"

Brighteye Brison "The Magician Chronicles - Part I"

Brujeria "Pocho Aztlan"

Blue Mammoth "Blue Mammoth"

Bonfire "Live In Wacken"

Bon Jovi "What About Now"

The Boohoos "Rocks For Real"

Nicke Borg Homeland “Ruins Of A Riot”

Albert Bouchard "Incantation"

Bret Michaels “Jammin With Friends”

The Brimstone Solar Radiation Band "SmorgasbordI"

Brimstone "Mannswerk"

The Brokendolls “Two Fiftynine”

Lex Bronkowitz Orchestra "Strictly Gravy"

Brother Ape "Force Majeure"

Massimo Bubola "Romagna Nostra"

Buckcherry “Confessions”

Budjana Dewa "Dawai in Paradise"

Bullet "Highway Pirates"

Bullet "Full Pull"

Bullet "Storm of Blades"

The Burning Crows “Behind The Veil”

Stef Burns "Roots & Wings"

California Breed “California Breed”

Cancer Bats "Dead Set On Living"

Candya "Altalena di Cera"

Cain's Offering “Stormcrow”

Cannon "Burning Love"

Valeria Caputo "Migratory Birds"

Carcass "Surgical Remission/Surplus Steel"

Franck Carducci "Torn Aparto"

Carneviva "EPsodi"

Casablanca "Apocalyptic Youth

Casablanca “Riding A Black Swan”

Paolo Catena "Quadrimusicali"

Paolo Catena "Quadrimusicali 2"

Paolo Catena "Quadrimusicali 3"

Charming Grace "Charming Grace"

Chasing Violets "Jade Hearts"

Cherry Lips “Cherry Lips”

Chicago "Now (Chicago XXXVI"

Circus Maxximus "Nine"

Circus Maximus "Havoc"

Susan Clynes "Life Is..."

I Compagni Di Baal "I Compagni Di Baal"

Continual Drift "Reality"

Centric Jones "The Antikythera Method"

The Clairvoyants "The Shape of Things to Come"

The Clash “The Rise and Fall of The Clash”

Copernicus "Nothing Exist"

Coucou, Selavy "Rien Ne Va Plus: Differita Giocar"

Sam Coulson "Electric Classical"

Cradle Of Filth "Hammer Of The Witches"

Crazy Lixx "Riot Avenue"

Crobot “Something Supernatural”

Coldspell "Frozen Paradise"

Alain Concepcion "R"

Concrete Block "Twilight Of The Gods"

Covered Call "Impact"

Cradle Of Filth "Manticore And Other Horrors"

Cradle Of Filth "Midnight In The Labyrinth"

Crematory "Black Pearls"

The Crimson ProjeKCt "Live in Tokyo"

Cross "Wake Up Call"

Crosses "Crosses"

Crowbar "Obedience Thru Suffering"

Crowned In Earth "A Vortex of Earthly Chimes"

Curved Air "Live Atmosphere"

Cyril "Gone Through Years"